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October 21, 2014

Arm & Hammer Review

*** I participated in a sponsored post for Smiley360,  however all opinions are my own.

Can you believe that for over 165 years this product has been helping people clean, freshen and play?  

Arm & Hammer has been in in everyplace I have lived growing up. It was always in the fridge, way in the back. I never really understood what it could be used for, until now. All this time I just thought it was to keep the fridge from smelling.

October 20, 2014

Chap Stick Review #PutYourLipsFirst

*** Please remember the FTC requires I mention that I received a free sample courtesy of Smiley360 when sharing.

Living in a dry desert, even if you visit, you lips get it all. Heat, the dry wind and pollution from all kinds of elements that are in the air. You need to #PutYourLipsFirst when you go and experience new places or when the weather changes.  What is one thing you can not leave the house without? 

Lip balm is not something I use a lot, but now that I got this sample from Smiley, Every time I see the tube I pick it up and put it on, even if I feel that I don’t need it. Do you use lip balm?

 I put the moisturized side of the ChapStick on when I get out of the shower so that the moisture stays locked in my lips.  After a week of use, I can feel a change in my lips. They feel softer and look healthier and feel amazing long after I put it on.


I like that it has no taste. Depending on how much you want on, it is light on my lips. No tint that I have to wipe off my kids faces when I kiss my kids and husband goodbye.  I like the dual ended feature, I don’t have to carry two separate sticks. 

I used this ChapStick mostly on the go. Before I walk out the door to take Khloe to school, when I go pick her up, when I leave to the house for anything. I never did that before, I really like the way it feels on my lips. 

Lets have a coupon giveaway! I like this product so much that I want to give away two (2) coupons for someone to try this and then tell me what you thought about this product. 

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If you don’t feel like winning anything you can click the link below and print out your own coupon for this product. You can visit this link. You will get .50 cents off.