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July 23, 2014

Blogs of the day….Are you one?

Get your hop on!

Please go check out the 6 blogs of the day.  Go show then some love, become a reader, leave a few comments. Maybe you will find some thing super cool.

1. Are you looking for a new Macaroni Salad recipe? Take a look at this one over at Swanky Recipes. I think you will like it. I know I am going to try it next time we have a potluck party. 

2. Look at this great weekday meal over at Mis Helen’s Country Cottage. I needed something new to add to my menu during the week. I can tell on the look of my kids faces that they where thinking “ O man not this again this week.

3. I was so happy to find this printable over at Savvy Shopper Central. I have weeks where I just need something new all week but I am so worried about going over the budget. My budget is 100 bucks and now a day I can get it to go far but I want to make it go farther. Go look at this cool printable. You will be glad you did.

4. I love peaches. I love them all the time and I found another peach lover over at Written Reality, who also freezes her peaches. You can have them all year long and that sounds so great to me.

5. When I think of summer I think of camping and with camping I think smores. Go check out Xfallenmoon’s idea for smores.  I plan on trying this in a few weeks for my daughter’s birthday.  I love how the smore has developed into other ways to eat it. You don’t even need a fire any more.

6. This last blog was a very good read for me. I have been having a ruff week and it is comforting to know that I am not the only one out in the world with problems. Maybe you can relate to Blkgirlsgrowingpains post.