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November 25, 2015

7 Things

What I am seriously thankful for...

No kidding this year. I asked myself what I am really thankful for having or not having in my life for Thanksgiving.  Don't judge- I won't do it to you....

1. Not having family in my state. 

 That's right NOT HAVING people at my house for Thanksgiving. I don't have to worry about  judgment about the food, my house, making sure everyone is happy.  Just me, the hubby and the kids enjoying a feast of food we love.

2. Making lists of what I need and buying it all the Monday before Thanksgiving. 

I work in a grocery store once a week. I saw more people in one day than I do on Sundays for my weekly shopping.  All kinds, from the" Excuse me where is the...." to the " They are going to love my pie this year.." people. It's the rude people I can live without or the people who feel they NEED to get out of the store before you.    Not this year..

3. A daughter who wants to help in the kitchen at a small age.

Last year my daughter helped me with what she could. Littles can't do a lot in the kitchen, but what they can do- can help a lot.  Mix this for me while I chop that, she loves to take me "paper" off the garlic and that can take a while.  After a few- can you do this for me-s she runs off just long enough for me to have stuff for her to do again. 

4. A husband who cooks the meats that I can't.

I can master pork chops, ribs and chicken. Sea food, turkeys and steaks I just can not get down. Sure I can watch YouTube videos on how to cook a steak but it never works out of me. They come out either chewy- cry or over cooked. I never made a turkey my husband is picky so I told him to make it himself- and it just stuck. Its cute that he thinks he saves the day...

5. Not being on a diet on the holidays. 

I want to eat what I want and not ever worry about the weight gain I may or may not get. If you worry about things like that how do you enjoy your food? I love me. 

6. Food Coma

The high of having cooked a feast that my family will graze eat hours after the dinner is done just gives me a natural high of happiness that only a great, no excellent homemade meal can give you. 

7. The glass I use to drink my whisky/ Pepsi in as I cook away.  

It holds the right portions for Jim or Jack to Pepsi and ice. Even if my drink is slightly watered down because I got wrapped up in cooking something, it always tastes great. Yes, I am a whiskey drinker.  What do you drink in the kitchen when you are cooking? 

What are you really grateful for this year? What are the little thing that make you happy. 

November 13, 2015

November Blog Date Dare

Each month, on the 13th I will post a new blog dare with a new word count suggestion. I offer you two (2) links for  the link up. One is for your dare and the other is for what ever you want to post.  I do hope you will play along and post your dare. 


Post a link of something you may make for Thanksgiving. I need ideas. 

and don't forget...

Tell your friends- you never know who may a good dare.   

We had been under a flash flood warning all day, but the sky was clear and with out thinking twice we left the house. I think it had been 5 weeks since our last date night. 

We knew what part of town we wanted to go hang out at, down town Las Vegas, but we didn’t know where to start. So we parked the car along a side street, two blocks away from the Container Park.

We got out of the car and turned a corner and just then a big gust of wind almost blew us down. This happened for a few minutes. “ Where do we want to go?” I asked my husband. He said he didn’t know what he was in to mood to eat. I wasn’t either.

Just then, sheets of rain came poring down on us. We ran to the first person that was standing at the doorway waving us to come in the building. At first, as we stood in the doorway, we where looking at all the rain coming down, then the lights went out.

Then we turned around. We had never been in this building on this end of the strip before and this place was breath taking.  From the walls to floor this place screamed, “ You are going to have a good time!”  : “ Where are we?” I asked the hostess. “ THE PARK.” She said. “ Any tables available?”  I asked

Hostess says “ One Soon! Would you like to sit at the bar?”

Then true magic happened.

A table opened up for us. It was a big table and we felt a little weird taking it, but we did.  We ended up sharing a plate of chilaquiles together and found some new beer to try.  The food was amazing. Even with the lights out in the dinning area the kitchen was up and running. Crazy Downtown wiring. The storm was still going with thunder, lighting and sheets of rain. At one point it looked like it was raining from the ground up. Crazy rain. The lights came back on and we where finally able to pay for what we ordered.

I guess you could say that this night the restaurant picked us.  We will go back to that place this summer.

If you would like to try your hand at a different dare please visit my tab of the past dare

November 12, 2015

Breakfast Anyone?

Do you open your pantry and look at what you have for breakfast and be like...NO! Then shut the door? I have those moments more than I like to admit. Then I go make toast.  I can't start my day like that any more, I have to adult.

When I got the opportunity from Vocalpoint to try two new cereals, I was so ready to up my breakfast game. Not only are they new to me but they have grains that I have heard before- but never ate before for breakfast, like quinoa, spelt and KAMUT brand Khorasan wheat.Have you ate any of these grains in something else?

Lets start out with some of the nutrition facts. 110 calories, 0 sat fat, 150mg sodium and 9g sugars.
This cereal and its touch of honey is simple and crunchy. The texture is unique (to me) and keeps its crunch long enough for you to finish your bowl. It will get mushy if you leave it in milk. the only real flavor I can taste is the honey. Its good.

 I believe that if you eat something crunchy in the morning if wakes your senses and prepares you for the day- but what do you do in the afternoon when lunch is over, but you need something to carry you over to dinner?

I give you this to consider....
This bag offers raisins, apples, barley, mixed oats and wheat. 200 calories, 0 sat fat, 90 sodium and 10 sugars.  You can eat it as a snack, right out of your hand, eat it like cereal OR my favorite mix it in with your yogurt. I also like the idea of this one being more portable than the other one. As you can see- its more chunky and easy to grab.

It is filling and it is a healthy choice above a candy bar.  I taste brown sugar, the raisins and the apples. Its a good mixture.  I liked it. My kids liked it, so we may see this again in my pantry. 

November 6, 2015

November Love Note

Happy November Everyone!

I love November. Its my birthday month, Thanksgiving is around the corner and I can score all kinds of deals for Christmas.   I also got my dream job this month. 

I applied for this job YEARS ago before I was pregnant with Khloe so that's 6 years ago. I got a email asking if I was still interested in working for the company but as a floater. Where ever I am needed they would send me, I would have to start my day between 9 AM and 11AM. 

I can't tell you how excited I was to get this email after so long. I went back into their system and updated all my information, and the next thing I knew I was at orientation.  

It just fits perfectly in with my life right now. Once piece of the puzzle I was looking for, has this ever  happened to you?  

Last months blog dare  got two participants and that made me very happy. If you are looking for a blog dare to do please feel free to check this page.  I can't wait to see what random one I pick out of the hat. 

What did you post last month that you need comments on? Did you post about a adventure, or book you may have enjoyed? 

Thank you for stopping by 


October 29, 2015

A Weekend Away

The Great Weekend Adventure

My husband and I decided to take a short weekend trip. It was our first trip driving Jeep and I just had  tons of nerves rolling around my head.  I know that most of the time, its just me being a worry wart. So we left on a Friday morning, just the way I like.  I hate traveling in the afternoon or the night. During the travel I got so board. I took a book, I played a game on my phone but I just could not stand it so, I made some entertainment for my Facebook ( add link) friends.

I called it Adventures of Stick Man.

I was in a moving Jeep with all kinds of different backdrops so I did what I do best. I entertained my imagination.

Insert pictures of Stickman

 The hotel we stayed at was called the Roadway Inn. The room, bathroom and kitchen area was so big. The kitchen had a full size fridge and a small two burner stove.  The only thing that was not big, the beds. They where very small but that was not too much of a problem, George had a bed to himself because  it was only big enough for him. My daughter and I had a comfy bed to ourselves. It was great.

The next day we met up with some family and we went to a cool brewery called Angel City Brewery.   A family ( including pet) friendly place.This was something very new for George and I. We love craft beers so when L proposed this idea we couldn't wait.  Do you have a favorite place to get craft beets?

The space located in the expanding arts district of downtown LA. Walking distance from a train. Go there if you love craft beers.  I loved the White Nite and the Berliner Weisse.

We managed to get almost all the craft beers they offered. I love going to her places with family.
 They even had a Sriachelada craft beer and it was so GOOD.
Other than that we went to a place called THE HAT, but I didn't take pictures of that adventure because we ALWAYS go every time we visit. Maybe we will go next time.  

Yes Please my review

Yes PleaseYes Please by Amy Poehler

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a great book. I laughed a lot and learned some cool stuff about Amy. I waited a long time to read this book and i am happy to say it was worth the wait. The format of this book is easy to read and fun. I have always liked Amy and now I like her even more. Her childhood was awesome and the way she fell in love with improv and how it fit into her life like a puzzle piece is a great thing. The pictures in the book are very real, you can tell that they came right out of a old photo album. I dig her writing style.

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